The line-up of this year's PGT has grown by four more confirmed acts.

First of all, let's recap the already known facts: the 19th edition of Prague Gothic Treffen will take place on 30th and 31st August 2024 in clubs Fuchs2 and Bike Jesus, which are located on the Prague island of Štvanice in the very same building. So far, we've shared with you seven artists: they are Munich-based dark synth/electro Rue Oberkampf, post-punk formation Raskolnikov, deserving German darkwavers In Mitra Medusa Inri, Italo-British harsh electro blasphemers Alien Vampires, French nightwave duo Denuit, Swedish dance electronica act Emmon and Italian all-star and all-genre formation This Eternal Decay. Today we're adding four more names to the list and we hope to please many of you with our selection.

From Cologne, the duo Suir will come to play their Czech premiere. Lucia Seiß and Denis Wanic have been active on the scene since 2016 and their work can be described as shoegaze with post-punk, coldwave and darkwave elements, but with a certain amount of psychedelia and a noticeable influence of film music. Suggestive live performances are their strongest weapon – Suir knows how to work with atmosphere and gradation of individual compositions. If you are a fan of thoughtful music and like to be carried away to other dimensions, this duo will be a clear hit for you.

From the opposite pole of the guitar side of the dark scene comes the Polish formation Eat My Teeth. The young Warsaw foursome combines deathrock with an anarcho-punk twist, and the trademark of the band – the brat-like voice of the singer and songwriter Natt. In the short time of its existence, the band has managed to accomplish quite a lot: playing several well-received concerts (including an appearance at the cult Return to the Batcave festival), releasing several demos, and reaching out to the part of the subculture that likes to sweep around the dancefloor. Are you with us?

The next act will also visit Prague for the first time. We are very happy that our invitation was accepted by the mysterious Swedish trio Abu Nein, who have enchanted fans with their numerous concerts mainly in Scandinavia. An original blend of minimal, gothic, post-punk and darkwave and above it all looms the unique vocals of Erica Li Lundqvist with lyrics imbued with esotericism and occultism. Be amazed by their excellent last year's album "Two II" and don't forget to visit the merchandise stand – after all, do you know any more bands that offer handmade death whistles or ouijas alongside the obligatory t-shirts and backpacks? Abu Nein are our dark horse in this year's PGT line-up and you definitely don't want to miss their performance.

We are always very happy when we manage to get some of the deserving names of the dark scene into the PGT line-up. Even more so when it's not just beating up empty straws and reminiscing about former glory days. It is with undisguised pride that we can announce that one of the main names of this year's Prague Gothic Treffen will be German legend Girls Under Glass

The Hamburg-based band was founded in 1986 and was an unquestional part of the heyday of the German gothic scene. The development of the following years took the band to other musical territories, but they never lost themselves in new hunting grounds, whether it was darkwave, electro-industrial or even trance. And when Volker Zacharias, Axel Ermes, and original vocalist Thomas Lücke released their new studio album "Backdraft" last year after almost 18 years, the music press and fans alike spoke enthusiastically about it. We are very happy that the premiere concert of Girls Under Glass in the Czech Republic will take place at XIX. Prague Gothic Treffen.

However, this is still not the end of the list of this year's bands! We still owe you three more names from the lineup, including the main headliner and the DJs (and there will be something to look forward to again!), the accompanying programme and other goodies we have in store for you this time. You'll know everything as soon as spring arrives.

Tickets for PGT are currently available exclusively in the GoOut presale network for the price of CZK 1150 (+ network fees). As in previous years, the ticket is valid for both days, one-day ticket is not available.

30 - 31 August 2024, kluby Fuchs2 a Bike Jesus, Praha
live: Girls Under Glass (DE), Rue Oberkampf (DE), Alien Vampires (IT/UK), This Eternal Decay (IT), Abu Nein (SE), In Mitra Medusa Inri (DE), Suir (DE), Emmon (SE), Denuit (FR), Eat My Teeth (PL), Raskolnikov (FR/CH), more TBA.
presale: 1150 CZK (cca 46 Euro) + poplatky sítě (exkluzivně u


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