What new things have we prepared for the nineteenth instalment of the biggest gothic party far and wide? 

The more the holidays are approaching, the more one gets into "Yaay, PGT is coming soon!" mood. And since you've probably already absorbed the band lineup, it's time to take a look at the other important parts of Prague Gothic Treffen. And one of the most important ones is the DJs, who will rule the dancefloor until the wee hours of the morning. Once again, we bring you international guests, and once again, they are heavyweights in the industry...


The first name on the list is none other than the much-loved DJ Daniel Myer. Producer, musician, organizer and "renegade of noise", who can be seen on stages worldwide, whether with stars like Covenant or Nitzer Ebb, or his own respected projects Haujobb, Architect, DSTR or Liebknecht. But Daniel is no less successful as a DJ (he has performed repeatedly at Berlin's iconic Hör), and every time he's been in charge of the afterparty of one of our events, he's decimated the dancefloor - technically, with his wit and uncompromising dance load. Because nobody on the scene plays like Daniel Myer... 


Another important and valued figure of the gothic DJ scene is DJ De'Ath. This (also visual) icon hosted renowned parties in the gothic cradle of Leeds a quarter of a century ago and was the first to bring deathrock and many now-famous bands to England. DJ De´Ath has also fallen in love with Prague, and we are glad to see him as a regular visitor at PGT. By the way, did you know that he played for the first time at the sixth PGT?  And for this year's edition, he will prepare one of his famous sets and drag you through a dark guitar aftermath. All the more festive because DJ De'Ath is celebrating 25 years of his DJing this year.


The third DJ for the party will be the synonym of gothic parties in Vienna, DJ Eraserhead. He started organizing his own events in the mid-90s (e.g. with the "80s Zone" party, which, by the way, is still going today) and in 2001, he founded the legendary "Schwarzer Reigen" events. He organized small festivals, brought a lot of bands to the Austrian metropolis, DJed all over the place (including WGT) and can often be seen in the pits of festivals because (on top of all that) DJ Eraserhead is also a sought-after concert photographer. Despite all this, he's coming to Prague to play for the very first time. So - how do they play in Vienna now? We are curious as well!

And don't worry. Of course, you won't be deprived of our traditional final "last man standing" set directed by the DJ crew.

PGT crowd

And let's go to the next news. We've decided to put together some general rules for the event that cover the most common questions we get every year (how old can I be to get on the PGT, where do I take my wristband, can I bring my camera...) plus define the basic conditions to make the PGT a "safe space" for everyone. It's not complicated, and we expect every PGT participant to follow the rules. In a nutshell, it says: "Be kind and careful of yourself and others" – nothing a somewhat cultured person wouldn't do anyway. But it's good to have it somewhere in one place, in case anyone is unsure. You can read the rules on the PGT website it really takes a few minutes.

The last news is slightly less sublime but no less important - the toilets. We know that toilets are a weakness of otherwise great clubs, especially downstairs at Bike Jesus, they have plenty of room to improve. The quirkiness of the legendary CBGBs and the honest DIY feel is one thing, but some user standards are another. And that's where we don't want to compromise. Unfortunately, we can't rebuild/reclaim the club's toilets, but we are at least arranging extra cleaning crews to go through the toilets and keep them clean regularly during the evening. Plus, we've decided to hedge our bets and add extra mobile toilets directly in front of Bike Jesus, which will be changed everyday. We hope these measures will help you enjoy this year's PGT even a little more. 

And that's it for now, next time we'll give you details about the gothic picnic, the official PGT merch and other news we're working on. And just a reminder - if you don't have tickets yet, you can get them on  And seeing how the presale goes, we probably wouldn't wait too long to buy them...

Prague Gothic Treffen

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